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The Beast inside the Beauty - Beauty and the Beast

Poetic on first and smutty on the second thought.

This is a fan & fanfiction blog in honor of and inspired by CW's TV-Show
Beauty and the Beast

Set in a future/alternate season

We don't own the characters, the story or any of the shown material.

Each post is queued into a regular rhythm . There might be some updates slipped between, but they are also queued. Otherwise - means: posts not fitting into the update schedule - I'm online.

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[Father Knows Best]

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Up up in The Costume Sky :) #FeastieFridays #Batb @CW_network @AustinBasis

— Catherine Ashton (@DesigningAshton) August 22, 2014

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Calm before the storm….

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lost …

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#Vincat - moments

#BATB - 2x11 #HeldHostage

please don’t post again, reblog, give credit if you post in other web page, don’t rework thank you so much :)

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CW’s #BatB is releasing 3 original novels (only two are available for pre-order atm) by Nancy Holder-who has written a lot of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Guides & Novels = awesome!

First novel is called “Vendetta” & the second novel is called “Some Gave All”.


Amazon Description of “Vendetta”:

A brand-new original novel, based on the hit CW show!

During a mysterious blackout, Angelo Demarco, the son of New York City’s most powerful family, is kidnapped. NYPD detectives Catherine Chandler and Tess Vargas are on the case when they learn of a second missing person: Cat’s father has disappeared from his prison cell. Vincent is desperate to help Cat, but as tensions rise, the couple become caught in a trap where the only way out is to confront their pasts and prove their epic love.


You can Pre-Order “Vendetta” here >

& “Some Gave All” can be found here >

This news is exciting & promising for BatB’s future as it’s not an investment that’s taken lightly.
It could possibly indicate that we are creating revenue for BatB via everything other than broadcast/ratings (so by purchasing the DVD, iTunes/Amazon Season pass & watching at CW site) and they are looking to expand the net! YAY for us!

Pre-Order them today to help keep the hiatus blues at bay ;D

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Total fluffy sweet ROOFTOP LOVE 

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Once a beast always a beast… hum… NO ONE’s watching ! ;)

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